Wings of the West Coast Bird Presentation with Ron LeValley

Sunday, April 28th, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Ron LeValley will talk about his current exhibition and his experience photographing and protecting birds for more than 40 years. LeValley’s presentation will center on his personal stories of conservational triumph and the many projects he maintains that revolve around birds. With decades of experience capturing the various waterfowl and coastal species in and around the Mendocino area, LeValley, who has incredible knowledge about the region’s birds, is informative, fascinating and optimistic.

LeValley has been photographing nature and wildlife subjects for 46 years. A founding member of the Mendocino Coast Photographer Guild and Gallery in Fort Bragg, LeValley’s true passion is bird identification and conservation. He spent nearly two decades in the ecotourism business, allowing him to visit exotic locations across the globe and gain a greater sense of environmental perspective while fostering eco-friendly attitudes and practices.