The Steps to Success: Establishing a Career in Photography with Sherrie Berger

Wednesdays, September 11th - October 2nd, 2013, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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This class, designed for photographers seeking to advance their careers, provides the insights, tools and resources necessary to achieve a higher level of career success. Topics covered include self-promotion, marketing, website effectiveness, exhibitions, the stock industry, editorial advertising assignments, and much more.

Divided among four in-class sessions, the course will analyze where the photographers’ careers are currently and where they are headed. We will set short and long-term goals, share practical resource materials, and connect with fellow photographers who might be at a similar point in their careers. As a class we will cover self-promotion and marketing tools and come up with a clear vision of what is necessary to accelerate one’s photography career. Individually and as a group we will embark on website effectiveness, group portfolio reviews, and discuss mailers, contests, exhibitions, publishing and the business of the stock industry, editorial vs. advertising assignments, building relationships, client lists, and diversification and copyright/licensing. We will also explore networking via helpful professional organizations and online communities.

Students will be given time to implement changes to their websites and promo materials prior to the final class which will allow all to share accomplishments and solve challenges that may not yet be fully resolved.

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