The Business of Photography: Everything You Need to Know with Leigh Andersen

Tuesdays, November 26th - December 17th, 2013, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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This class is designed to help photographers  understand the business and marketing end of the photo industry, an area often overlooked when a photographer is building his or her career. The course offers a great opportunity to learn what “you don’t know that you don’t know”, in other words how to create yourself (the photographer) as a brand, and how to effectively market that brand to clients appropriate to your work and skill level.  Regardless of your area of interest, Leigh Andersen will teach you how to “connect the dots” – her term for employing a combination of research, social media and marketing to reach your goals.

The class will detail the main pillars of the commercial photo industry – Editorial (portraiture and celebrity portraiture), Syndication, Music (album packaging and publicity), Commercial Advertising, Entertainment Advertising and Fashion Advertising – and how to break in or move forward in each market.  We will discuss what works and what doesn’t work when reaching out to clients, with careful attention to how new media has influenced how photographers show their work. We will also talk about marketing and branding strategies, including defining your strengths and style, the importance of creating a website that is both respectful of your vision and client-friendly, how to approach clients for meetings, researching photographers and agencies that reflect your direction, how to craft a marketing plan, when and how to approach a rep, and how to stay ahead of technology and client expectations. The class closes with Leigh reviewing your portfolio and/or website and suggesting specific ideas to better package your work.

Whether you’re established but feel stuck at a certain level, or are just beginning to understand the business of photography, this class will help refine your marketing methods and move your career forward. See more at: