Redwood Coast with Jerry Dodrill and Justin Black

Monday, June 2nd - Friday, June 6th, 2014
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redwood vision


Colossal redwoods thrust upward into the coastal fog. The pink blooms of wild rhododendrons take on a translucent glow against the dark greens of the forest. Dramatic seastacks and driftwood accent the wild Pacific coast. One of the world’s most creativity-inspiring and evocative landscapes – Northern California’s Redwood Coast – will be our outdoor classroom for this photo workshop, presented by photographers Justin Black and Jerry Dodrill. This place is truly a photographer’s playground, rich with diverse photographic opportunities and a dynamic interplay of sun and fog. It’s the perfect setting for a fun, upbeat, and supportive workshop focused on developing creativity and honing skills. Participants will learn to take control of the finer points of composition, exposure and tonal control, and specialized techniques for approaching this sublime coastal landscape.

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