Jaguars of the Pantanal with Jeff Foott and Justin Black

August 20 - 29, 2013
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justin_blackThe Brazilian Pantanal, the world’s largest continental wetland, is a luxuriant forest-savannah mosaic in central-western Brazil that is home to the highest density of jaguars in the world. It is also simply the greatest wildlife spectacle of Latin America. In addition to its jaguars, which happen to be far more accessible to photographers here than anywhere else in their range, it harbors the world’s largest parrots (hyacinth macaw), the world’s largest snake (anaconda), the world’s largest otter, and many other species of wildlife, often in incredibly high densities.

Our floating hotel is anchored right in the middle of the best jaguar action.  This privileged location permits us to spend up to two hours extra time per day with the cats, and at the best times of day for quality of light, comfortable temperatures, and scenic beauty in the Pantanal.

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