Bioneers Meeting

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Please join LA Bioneers to hear biologist Jay Mallonee’s presentation entitled The Truth About Wolves and the vital role wolves play in a healthy ecosystem.

Jay has a Master’s Degree in neurobiology/animal behavior and has studied a variety of species since 1977: gray whales, bottlenose dolphins, orcas, Dall’s porpoise, rodents, Macaque monkeys, and wolves. His 21 years of wolf research included a ten year study of the Fishtrap pack in northwest Montana: the longest behavioral study of wolves in Montana’s history outside of Yellowstone National Park. His three year study of a wild wolf placed into captivity confirmed that she suffered from PTSD, resulting from the trauma of capture and subsequent confinement.

As a writer, Jay publishes his scientific papers, and has written a variety of magazine and news articles about wildlife and animal behavior. He also wrote the book Timber – A Perfect Life, an account of his sixteen year relationship with a profound canine companion. Jay has taught science courses at major universities for over 15 years ranging from environmental science to anatomy/physiology. Currently, he maintains an online petition to end the hunting and trapping of Montana’s wolves. He will take the signatures to the Governor’s Office himself, along with the media, and demand answers as to why flawed data is used to make management decisions. All of Jay’s writing, research and the petition can be accessed through his web site at:

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