Bioneers Meeting

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013, 7:00 pm
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This month’s guest speaker is documentary filmmaker, Todd Darling. Todd has been involved in everything from working as a director and editor at MTV, working on the broadcast of five Olympic Games, and directing “A Snow Mobile for George,” a feature documentary about delivering a snowmobile across the country to George W. Bush which LA Bioneers showed in 2009. His new film-in-the-making, “Occupy The Farm,” captures the showdown between over-development and agriculture, as well as the contest of wills between grassroots, consensus-based action and the more rigid power structure of California’s largest landowner. Come see parts of his film and hear about the struggles and logistics of making this important documentary.

Bioneers are people dedicated to re-imagining the future of our planet. They are biological pioneers who are working with nature to heal nature and ourselves.